I am here to tell you that staying organized is possible.

I want to show you how I started living each day with purpose and organization. These 7 baby steps will shape your purpose for each day so you can get organized and say goodbye to frazzled!

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Do any of these describe you?

  • You are juggling multiple tasks much of the day
  • You wear many different "hats" in life
  • You wake up feeling unprepared for your day
  • You struggle with getting up and out of the door on time
  • You feel anxiety or guilt over the obligations you aren't getting to
  • You aren't sure if you are living out the purpose God has given you in life

Before I took these 7 steps in my life, all of these described me! After following these steps of defining life purpose and organization, I am more motivated to complete goals, and more organized than ever before.

The best part about it for me, though, is that I no longer live in anxiety and guilt, with the niggling feeling that there are so many priorities I am not getting to.

I have joy because I know my life purpose, my priorities, and I have the tools to live them out.

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